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Shop N Save Mart is one of the best diamond tools suppliers offers professional diamond tools, granite fabrication tools such as concrete polishing pads, hole saws, granite polishing pads, router bits, hand pads, stone polishing pads for Stone fabrication restoration shops, Stone fabricators, Stone restoration professionals, Stone polishers, Stone/Concrete Contractors, Concrete counter top fabricators polishers, artificial stone manufacturers, Glass fabricators, gem stone polishers, DIY individuals. All domestic orders for Stadea diamond tools ships free with standard shipping.

Featured Concrete Stone Granite Polishing Tools

Find featured tools for concrete granite marble glass terrazzo fabrication restoration. Find more granite polishing kit pads in respective product categories

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Shop N Save Mart, granite tools suppliers offers affordable professional diamond tools for concrete granite fabrication such as diamond polishing pads, diamond grinding wheels, diamond core bits / hole saws, router bits, diamond cup wheels, diamond hand polishing pads, sanding pads, diamond profile wheels, floor polishing pads, tuck point blades, diamond drum wheels , saw blades, rubber backer pads, twist drill bits etc for fabrication, grinding, polishing, buffing, coring, profiling, drilling of natural, man made artificial stone like Granite polishing fabrication, Concrete polishing fabrication, Marble polishing fabrication, Travertine polishing fabrication, Granite tile polishing fabrication, Marble tile polishing fabrication, Quartz polishing fabrication, Terrazzo polishing fabrication, Glass polishing fabrication, Glass tile polishing fabrication. We are among few granite tool suppliers offering qualified free overnight shipping withing USA.

Latest Industrial Diamond Tools Concrete Stone Marble Glass

Find our latest diamond tools for concrete marble granite glass fabrication and restoration.

Granite Fabrication Tools - Wet Dry Polishing Pads

We offer great selection of professional diamond polishing pads (Resin/Metal bond/Electroplated/Vacuum brazed ) for wet polishing and dry polishing. The diamond polishing discs / pads are available in sizes 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” in individual grits and bulk contractor’s packaging. We sell polishing discs / pads designed specifically for concrete (Concrete Polishing Pads), Granite (Granite Polishing Pads), Marble (Marble polishing pads) and also all-purpose polishing pads. Concrete Polishing Pads, Granite Polishing Pads, Marble polishing pads are available for dry polishing as well as wet polishing. We are among few diamond tools suppliers who are authorized retailer for reputed brand such as Stadea. Our sintered diamond router bits wheels are offered for many sizes and shapes. We offer diamond grinding wheels wheels for different sizes and styles. It is primarily used for stock removal, surface preparation and grinding. These grinding wheels are used in many professional stone fabrication shops. We have huge selection of diamond hand polishing pads. Hand polishing pads are handy to polish areas hard to reach by tools. We offer Stadea hand polishing pads for all kinds of stone polishing. Hand polishing is very useful for polishing small area, scratch removal, acid stain removal. We offer resin bond as well electroplated hand pads in sets, as well as individual grits. We offer entire range of stone concrete granite fabrication tools, ship quick, with hard to beat shipping prices and offers.

Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Grinding Wheels

We offer Dry polishing pads as well as Wet/Dry polishing pads Wet polishing pads for Granite, Marble, stone, glass polishing. We offer electroplated and vacuum brazed Wet/Dry diamond profile wheels , it is used to create stone edges in different shapes like demi, full bullnose, bevel, ogee etc. Core bits are used for creating circular holes in stone slabs, concrete counters etc. We sell Stadea core bits / diamond core hole saws in different sizes. Diamond tuck point blades are used for mortal removal, grout removal between concrete blocks, bricks etc.

Granite Polishing Pads, Marble, Glass, Stone

Diamond Profile Wheels Router Bits for Granite

4" Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite

Diamond Saw Tuck Point Blades

4"Hook and Loop Backing Pad Velcro Rubber Backing Pads