Granite Countertop Scratch Repair – The Ultimate DIY Guide

Posted by Sumit K Suman, President Shop N Save Mart on 10th Apr 2017

Are you a homeowner, stone repair professional looking for the solution to remove scratches on granite? Do you have a countertop with scratches, and it bothers you. It does devaluate your home for its resell. Do you wish it becomes as it was originally. It is possible, this article will guide you,provide insights on the stone anatomy, probable solutions, tip and tricks to fix the scratch with professional finish.

Granite Anatomy – Why Granite gets Scratches

Granite countertops and floors look very attractive and they are also durable. Granite is one of the hardest stones. People love using it for kitchen countertops and floors. However its hardness does not make is scratch proof. On rough use or accidents it can chip, crack and get minor to major scratches. The following are common reasons for Granite scratches and cracks:

  • Cutting Vegetable with sharp knife directly on Granite
  • Falling of heavy objects on Granite
  • Sliding heavy utensils or Pottery with Hard Pointed Parts on Granite
  • Use of abrasives on Granite, Sliding of Heavy Objects with Sand Particles Under

A minor scratch in the shiny granite countertop or in the floor tiles may spoil its beauty. Besides being unattractive, it may trap dust as well as germs.

Below are some techniques for granite countertop repair and granite scratch repair. Let’s look at some quick and easy techniques to remove scratches that may work for your countertop

Techniques for Granite Scratch Repair

There are various solutions available to fix granite scratches. The best solution for your specific scratch depends on “Depth of the Scratch”, and the “Size of Scratch”.

First thing is to find out the depth of the scratch. For scratch deeper than 2mm,it is better to take professional help. You can visually inspect the depth of scratch. There are also tools available to check the depth of scratch. The scratches can be one of the following types:

  • Hair like Scratches
  • Scratches Deeper than 3 MM
  • Scratches Deeper than 2 MM

How to Fix Hair Like Scratch

Hairlike scratches are easy to fix, you can find one of the following appropriate for fixing hair line scratches:

1. Washing with water and dish wash

With help of coarse rag wash the scratched area with warm water and dish wash. Saturate the granite surface with dish-rag soaked with hot soapy water and leave it for some time. With little pressure and cleaning, some scratches will fade. Rinse once or twice with hot water. Light superficial scratches will disappear, a deeper scratch will remain as is.

2. Using resin scratch stick

Resin scratch stick is also used to make scratches invisible.

3. Using ultra fine steel wool

Scrubbing with ultrafine steel wool or sand paper can also repair granite scratches.

4. Using penetrating sealers

You can apply stone penetrating sealer at least once a year to add extra protection to your granite countertop. Purchase the brand recommended by the manufacturer of your granite countertop. Follow the directions on the sealer for application. Allow the product to dry well. You can repair granite scratches with penetrating sealers. It soaks into the scratches and fills them, thus making them invisible

How to Fix Scratches deeper than 3 MM

If nothing of these tips works then you can use another reliable technique. Repairing scratches on the countertop and floor might not be possible using home remedies for deeper scratches. A better solution using Diamond Polishing sanding pads willget rid of scratches and restore the original shine.

Fixing Granite Scratches Using Diamond Polishing Pads

Diamond Polishing or sanding pad can do granite countertop repair for small to medium scratches . It uses sanding discs attached with fine grit diamond to remove scratches. Diamond is harder than granite. This tool uses this hardness to remove scratches from granite countertop floor or tiles. But it is necessary to use this tool with great care. Otherwise, you may scratch other areas. This can be done DIY if you have moderate mechanical skill. Following are steps to follow to fix the scratch and achieve professional finish:

Equipment Needed To Repair Granite Countertop Scratches

  • Diamond Polishing Pads set of grits (50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 grit)
  • A Stone Wet Polisher Grinder
  • Velcro backing pad holder
  • Clamps and a piece of wood

Other equipment required for the safety of worker includes:

  • Safety glasses
  • Face mask
  • Hand gloves
  • Ear plug

Scraches on Granite can be fixed using Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite, Buy Granite Polishing Pads to fix granite scratches.

Procedure Steps - Granite Countertop Scratches Repair

  • First of all assemble the grinder parts. Attach the velcro backing pads holder with the grinder.
  • Tips: Use a rigid backing pad to work on flat surface scratch repair. A flexible backing pads are better choice to work on edges and sink corner polishing.
  • Fix the granite tile to wood using clamps. Countertops are already fixed.
  • Encircle the scratch mark. Now attach 100 grit polishing pad to the Velcro holder. Keep the grit in contact with the tile surface. Keep in mind that 100 grits is very aggressive. Prolonged application may cause distortion to the tile surface. So it is better to apply minimal pressure.
  • While scrubbing make sure to use plenty of water. Move the grinder in slow circular motion.
  • After scrubbing for a little while wipe the water and check the scratch.
  • Repeat the procedure by increasing the target area and the grits as well. After 100 grit use 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 grits. Reduce volume of water as you increase the grits.
  • When you reach 2000 grit start using castor attached to the polisher. Use this castor as a pivot point and apply more pressure to the abrasive wheel.
  • After polishing with 3000 grit, comes the final stage of buffing. During this stage you will have to build up heat to enhance the performance of the buff. Use water as lubricant but avoid over-heating.
  • For buffing, attach the black buff to the Velcro holder. Move the hand in circular orbits while buffing. Clear the surface. In end, you will find a tile with a shiny black mirror-like surface.

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A granite tile or kitchen counter tops make home interior stylish and attractive. But a little scratch will spoil all its charm. So these above-mentioned tips and tricks may help you maintain the stylish look of your home.

Share your experience of your granite scratch removal project in comments below. Did you find the information useful, do share this blog clicking share buttons on the left side of screen.

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