Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

A diamond cup grinding wheel is a metal-bonded abrasive tool of diamond which comprises of diamond segments welded or cold-pressed on a metallic wheel body. Its name is such because it usually looks just like a cup with a depression in the center.

Diamond Cup grinding Wheel - Concrete Stone Grinding Tool

Diamond grinding wheels are attached to concrete grinders for surface preparation and concrete granite marble stone grinding. Diamond cup grinding wheels are diverse in terms of their style based on the specific requirements. In general, for heavy works like stone or concrete grinding, the marble granite stone concrete grinding wheel tools has large diamond segments, and for lighter works like glues, epoxy, wallpapers etc. require diamond cup wheels with sparse or smaller diamond segments.

The diamond segments on diamond grinding wheels can have different diamond grits, bonds, diamond quality and diamond concentrations to fit diverse use cases. The basic rule of thumb with the concentration of the diamond is that for harder materials to be ground, the higher the concentration desired and vice versa. Diamond cup wheels are used in different-roughness grindings. For coarse grinding, the quality of the diamonds' has to be higher, as abrasives are more prone to become blunt. The diamond grit should be lower, normally from grit 35 to 50 grit. For fine grinding, also referred to as "polishing", the quality of the diamond can be comparatively lower because less force of friction and the longevity of the diamond can be much longer with better precision. In such cases the diamond grit is usually between 80to 120, based on the grinding requirements.

The two basic ways of manufacturing a diamond cup grinding wheel are hot pressing and cold pressing. In the hot pressing method diamond segments are directly sintered in the molds and then the diamond segments are fixed onto the concrete grinding wheel tools through the process of welding or mechanical mosaic. The cold process works in the opposite way which involves pressing and connecting first and then sintering in the end.

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