Diamond Tuckpoint Blade

Diamond Tuckpoint Blade

Diamond tuck point blades or diamond crack chaser blades are used to cut through a wide range of materials. These blades have diamond fixed on their outer edges, which make them suitable for cutting through a number of materials such as concrete, brick, masonry, blocks, granite, marble, tile and other type of natural as well as engineered stones. Diamond concrete tuckpointing tools are essentially tools for tuckpointing or repointing, which is a process of removal of mortar joints as well as the preparation of various masonry surfaces. These diamond crack chaser blades cut fast and useful to reapir pattern creation for materials including those of hard masonry, concrete and stone.

The diamond concrete tuckpointing tools or diamond tuckpointing wheel blades come in a number of different variants. The standard tuck point blades have sintered, narrow slots and consist of a good blade life. The concrete crack chaser blades consist of brazed, polished tools, with the segment height of up to 12 mm and width up to 4.4 mm and consist of a v-segmented design. The blade sizes range from 4” to 24”. A key-hole gullet is yet another prominent feature of these diamond tuck point blades. They also have cooling holes that further add to their enhanced longevity. Since diamond as a material has great wear and tear resistance, it has greater strength and durability.

All in all, concrete crack chaser blades is a complete package that offer exceptional services such as those in grinding process among others. To get maximum returns by using these blades, check for the hardness of the blade, the flatness degree, and even some cutting tests on different construction material like asphalt, porcelain, tiles and even glass.

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