Weha Tile Quake Vibrating Suction Cup Tile Leveling Tool

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TileQuake Vibrating Suction Cup Tile Leveling Tool

Quickly gaining popularity for installing large format tiles efficiently. Lift, set, and level, tiles all with this one vibrating suction cup tile leveling tool.

The Tile Quake portable vibrating tile leveling tool is among the latest of our tile installation power tools. The Tile Quake vibrating tile leveling tool is designed for improved tile installation efficiency, flexibility, adaptability, and convenience. This vibrating tile leveler is compatible with multiple tile sizes, rechargeable, and weighs just 9 lbs.

Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Tile Leveling

Efficiently work with multiple tile sizes using this power tile leveling tool. The Tile Quake is engineered to work for both indoor and outdoor tile installation jobs. This tile leveling power tool is designed for use with wall tiles and floor tiles.

The TileQuake Vibration Suction Cup is Flexible

The Tile Quake vibrating tile leveling tool offers flexibility. Since it is useful for multiple tile sizes, tile materials, and tile types. Use the Tile Quake for leveling wall tiles and small floor tiles in various installation environments including outdoors. This tool's features make it perfect for use on ceramic tiles ranging from 12-71" (30-180.34 cm)


The Tile Quake portable tile leveling tool is convenient for use on wall and floor tiles. Its 21V rechargeable lithium battery means you are not tethered to a power supply. Weighing in at only 9 pounds the Tile Quake is portable. With its convenient vibration adjust-ability with 6 levels of frequency, it is usable and compatible with multiple tile sizes. Since it can be used outdoors, this portable tile leveling machine makes quick work of tiles outdoors as well as indoors.

At a Glance

  • Intensity Levels: 6

  • One Button Operation

  • Weight: 9 lbs.

  • Material Size: 12-71" (30-180.34 cm)

  • Tile Type: Wall, Floor

  • Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

  • Vibration Frequency: 23,000 r/min

  • Power: 21V Lithium Rechargeable Battery