Disco SHOGUN BLUE Quartz Granite 25 MM Segment Silent Core Diamond Bridge Saw Blade

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Disco Shogun Blue Bridge Saw Blade 

  • The Disco Shogun blue is made with patented Shogun production methods, each and every diamond is placed exactly where optimum performance can be achieved. This strategic placement ensures that every diamond's full cutting potential is unleashed.
  • This Shogun Blue Bridge saw Blade is designed to be used on bridge saws equipped with 15 to 25 horsepower motors. The performance and life of this blade is at the top of its class, giving you excellent value and a low cost per cut.  
  • The Shogun Blue Bridge saw blade has ultra precision aligned (ARIX) diamond technology.
  • The Shogun Blue Bridge saw Blade has a 25mm segment height.
  • 700 square inches of cutting surface per segment.
  • An engineered sandwich segment design for uniform wear.
  • Smooth cutting.
  • Aggressive cutting speeds.
  • Precision silent core used with a narrow slotting action for extra quiet running.
  • 50/60 mm arbor.
  • The Shogun Blue Bridge saw Blade is available in 14”, 16", 18" diameters