Diamond Hand Polishing Pads

Diamond Hand Polishing Pads

Diamond hand polishing pads are used for hand polishing, restoration of Marble, Concrete, Glass, Stone, Marble Tile, Glass Tile, Granite, Travertine, Quartz, Terrazzo, Granite Tile and other artificial and man made stones. It is recommended for repairs in controlled area to remove scratch, acid stains, spot removal and polishing. Sanding blocks diamond hand pads for glass, marble, concrete, stone polishing is used widespread for small repairs onsite manual polishing. It is a key tool for restoration projects where spot polishing, controlled polishing is required.

STADEA offers two series of hand polishing pads a) STADEA Standard Series b) STADEA Super Series. Both of these series of diamond hand polishing pads works very well on glass, and all types of stones. STADEA Super series hand pads are more aggressive and more durable and perfect for glass polishing and harder stones line Granite concrete marble hand polishing. The Super series lower grits polishing pads are Electroplated hand polishing Pads and are quite durable.

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