6" Wet Diamond Polishing Pads

6"inch Diamond Polishing Pads - Buy 6" Premium Diamond Polishing Pads!

6 Inch diamond polishing pads are preferred size pads to polish a large polishing project due to its high polishing area per rotation. They are also known as diamond sanding pads, these polishing pads work great for granite polishing, concrete polishing and sanding, marble tile, travertine, terrazzo, natural and artificial stones polishing. There are different variety of pads available based on use case such as dry and wet diamond polishing pads. They are available in various grits, and are flexible and Velcro backed, 6" diamond polishing pads discs are also used for polishing and lapping for all types of stones. Professional grade wet diamond polishing pad useful to preserve shine and gloss of different types of artificial and natural stones for years. By proper using the 6 inch diamond sanding pads discs, it brings back the gleam and shine of stones concrete floor. It is suggested to use wet diamond polishing pads set kit usage at optimal RPM 2200 and not exceed the maximum RPM 4500. Wet 6" diamond polishing pads are appropriate for wet use only. When using the discs, do not forget to use adequate water. A spray bottle of water can be most supportive to attain the final finishing on the stones. For removing scratches and etching, start from lower grit and increase that gradually. Consider to work in small area when moving the wet diamond polishing pads set kit on the surface. In addition, polishing and sanding process with 6 inch diamond polishing pads discs assist to save the floor from frequent tear and making it shiny, long lasting and highly stable.

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