5" Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

Size of polishing pads plays an important role for efficient polishing. Smaller size polishing pads are crucial for spot polishing for scratch removal or polishing small dings. The bigger size polishing pads important to polish bigger surface quickly. 5 inch diamond polishing pads are optimal size pads for medium to big size polishing projects. Diamond pads are available in wet and dry type. 5 inch dry diamond polishing pads are used onsite where water can't be used during polishing process. Wet polishing pads are more common and generally cost of polishing is lower. 5 inch wet diamond polishing pads are known for low per square foot polishing cost and better finish. As they can't be used on all work site, dry polishing process is very important and is indispensable. 5 inch dry diamond polishing pads are also widely used for floor edge polishing where floor polishers can't reach. Diamond pads are also commonly named as diamond sanding pads and are used for Concrete polishing / sanding, Granite polishing / sanding, Marble, Granite Tile, Travertine, Terazzo, Ceramic Tile, Marble Tile, Porcelain tile countertop, artificial and natural stones polishing sanding.

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