4" Dry Diamond Polishing Pads

Dry diamond polishing pads are known as dry diamond sanding pads, is an indispensable tool for concrete, granite and marble stone polishing honing. Dry pads are available in various sizes, 4" dry diamond polishing pads is most commonly used size for the curved and flat edges of all types of natural artificial stones including granite, marble and concrete. The pads are designed as flexible resin 4" dry marble granite polishing pads or rigid type. The 4" dry diamond polishing pads granite marble concrete stone glass polish provides a glossy elegant look and widely used in homes and offices construction. The 4" dry diamond polishing pad works well for dry or wet polishing of stones. 4" diamond dry polishing pads set kit flexible or rigid is prepared to attain a scratch-free exclusively polished finish on all types of edges, and comes with hook and loop backing for quick replacement. While polishing with flexible resin 4" dry marble granite polishing pads, make ensure it is used within specified RPM generally less than 3000 RPM. Buy dry diamond polishing pads marble granite stone glass concrete set kit for easy and most professional polished finish on natural stone surfaces. Dry diamond polishing pads are one of the best tools for onsite polishing sanding honing stones and concrete for shiny mirror finish. Higher speed grinders may be harmful, so it is suggested to put exact speed for great dry and wet finishing of granite and concrete floors.


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